I Hate Ballast Sacks

The bags tear, the zippers break, the liners leak, and the liners seldom line up with the bags.

The Solution: Pro X

Barefoot International has developed ballast sacks that don't have theses problems; the Pro X Series. They are made of VALMEX, similar to the material used to make river whitewater rafts. The seams are welded and seam-taped. They are so strong that there is no need for a bag to protect it.

These ballast sacks are Made in America. They are a little more expensive than the cheaper style of ballast sacks, but will outlast other styles by years. These Pro X Ballast Sacs come standard in Gray, but are also available in Red, Black, Blue, and Yellow.

You can now purchase the Pro X Series of fat sacks from WakeSurfStore.com


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