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Wakesurfing's safety record appears to be excellent. Wakesurfing is gaining in popularity rapidly, in part, because it doesn't cause injuries. Obviously though, wake surfing behind the wrong boat can cause catastrophic injury. We stay in frequent contact with the US Coast Guard to "monitor" injuries reported with wake surfing. We will keep you posted of safety news.
It is up to you to determine if this, or any sport, is worth the risks.

Platform dragging (formerly known as "Teak Surfing"), is deadly. Numerous carbon monoxide drowning deaths have occurred when a person is teak dragging because their face is right behind the tailpipe of the boat.
Drowning has frequently occurred within as little as 2 minutes with no warning that the person teak surfing was in trouble.

The following is a summary of the unique safety issues that you need to be aware of when wakesurfing.

Platform dragging (also known as "Teak Surfing"), is deadly.

Be very respectful of the exhaust in your boat. Consider installing Fresh Air Exhaust on your boat. The cost is less than an average muffler repair to your car. Click HERE to read the Carbon Monoxide reports by Fresh Air Exhaust and the US Coast Guard.

Insure that your boat has a properly positioned swim platform and that the boat is safely ballasted.

Wearing helmets while wakesurfing would not be inappropriate; especially for children and beginning riders.

Use the correct rope and handle.